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MultiPar does archival-grade file verification and repair to protect files from all forms of loss or corruption. Backups alone are not enough because data will gradually "rot" without MultiPar. Data loss can be caused by errors in backup copying, deletion, software bugs, hardware errors, viruses, tampering, etc. MultiPar can restore data even if some files are completely erased. MultiPar supports fast multicore processors, and nested folders. MultiPar replaces QuickPar. MultiPar's GUI is from the look and feel of QuickPar.

Announcement: v1.3.0.2 is public. Always use Virus Total to verify your downloads!

Download What is it? Checksums
MultiPar1302_setup.exe Installer. This is what you want. MD5: 909CA8B20195748B93787CC7D4DC959B
SHA1: 59E477753F92E066277A02B47DC57CCD3E2F3CC0
SHA256: 9F2794C592CEE4ECD7AAA9FDB15319628C3012BE148410106E57F98EDC6E1D0B Files only, for experts. MD5: 0619D9CAFBC15BD69ED5F7B2FD7C2A9A
SHA1: B5B918F4AA77DE4A33F889C6834C29880322DA7D
SHA256: 24A2A8C14B3DFD4FCA5DC6B872C0EC2AF926B6AD2A8811699E5F0276AEE39428
MultiPar_par2j_1302.7z par2j (command line) source code, for experts. MD5: 589EA4002AE731EC97ECC2466E638A73
SHA1: 7C8369958A0D6CA1A4ED9B2411CE573570EFB50A
SHA256: 039145658C6F6701C82DB5D81A69C78F594E0BAC1E1767342AF1E04E92497EB1

How to use MultiPar

MultiPar screenshot example

The screenshot above shows you what some typical settings might look like. Usually, the only things you need to pay attention to are the block count slider, and the redundancy slider. Most of the time 10% redundancy is ideal. If you're protecting a huge amount of data that changes occasionally, it will be faster to use only 1% redundancy each time you need to generate new par2 files. If your files change, you will need new par2 files to protect them. It is not possible to update par2 files.

After the block count and the redundancy, the next thing you might want to pay attention to is the efficiency. The higher the better, but it's not nearly as important as the redundancy, so don't worry if the efficiency numbers seem low. In general, the best way to choose your MultiPar settings is to select the redundancy you want, and then move the block count slider to find the "sweet spot" that optimizes efficiency without changing your redundancy.

When you're satisfied with your settings, click "Create".